New colour for HB031


OK! Been getting a lot of orders for this much so that I ran out of the soft yellowish paper for this card!! hehehe!! So I had to find a similar color of paper that would match the original color of the old design. Finally I found a color that looks a little creamy and it does match with the gold, peach and pink paper. So I guess from now onwards if anybody wants to purchase this HB031 design, this is what it will look like from now on.....I also made the stripe design at the bottom of the card with small ribbons combined with the color paper strips......and I also added soft pink 7 pop up flowers inside it. But if you don't like the pop up flowers, it can be done without them.....just let me know and I will not add them in it. :)

I made this card for my Mom's friend who celebrated her 77th birthday......she was super excited about it.....and even more so when she received a bouquet of flowers that matches the color of the flowers on the card. hehehe! What a coincidence it was that the two match each was not planned at all......I'm just happy that she loved's all that matters :)

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