My version of the Shell Shape quilling flower - Tutorial

Well hello again! 
Another quilling tutorial post today for you guys. I guess I've been doing a lot quilling tutorials lately. It's all because I've been getting so many requests from my followers on Instagram to make them, I just can't say no. I'm in the mood for it anyways. I just feel like quilling and quilling and quilling. Looks like my absence from quilling for so many months has led to this! 

Ok! Back to the subject! The Shell Shape quilling flower! It's a quilling flower made using a quilling comb. I learned how to make it from a quilling tutorial made by Toshi M last July. You can view her quilling tutorial on her YouTube channel at the link HERE. I wasn't really sure about how to make it in the beginning because I didn't know the length of the quilling paper that she used to make each petal of the flower. So I experimented a lot in order to make it exactly like she did it. In the end, I still couldn't make it look exactly like hers because I think our quilling papers are different. So it turned differently. Similar, but not exactly the same.

Once I figured out how to make her Shell Shape quilling flower, I wanted to give it a try with a different type of quilling comb. So I used a lice comb! I got it many years ago back in 2012 when I first learned how to do the quilling comb technique. You could see my blog post about it at the link HERE. I experimented a lot with different types of combs back then. It was kinda like an obsession. The more combs, the merrier. Haha!

Anyways, when I tried to make the Shell Shape quilling flower with the lice comb, I was shocked to see how it turned out. It looked like the shape of a heart instead of a shell. Well, that's my personal opinion la! Haha! It seems that, the smaller the pins of the comb and the smaller the gap in between it, makes all the difference. So that's the trick! That's what makes them different. I figured, the best way to make people understand how it's done is by making a tutorial. Because just showing what type of comb I used is not enough. You have to see how it's done in order to understand. A lot of people have been bugging me to do this tutorial, so I hope you guys find it helpful and share it with those who love quilling too.

I used a 80gsm colour printing paper for this flower which I cut myself by hand with razor and ruler. The size of each strip is 5mm x 297mm. So for one petal, I combined two different colour quilling papers. I used the same amount of paper to make Toshi M's quilling flower. So in other words, you can use the same measurements and yet different results all because of the quilling comb. The quilling comb is the reason why they look different.

So do check out the quilling tutorial below and give it a try yourself. Hope you will enjoy trying it out. Have fun quilling! :)


Thank you so much Henrietta! ;)
Unknown said…
Lovely, that gives me a lot tip. I am a beginner.

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