Alternatives for quilling comb

A lot of my readers have been asking me about the quilling comb. Many have expressed their interest in purchasing the product from me but unfortunately I no longer sell the product because I think that we can use an alternative tool to do the combing technique just by using a hair comb. It's cheaper! ;)

Below you can see the various types of hair comb that I am currently using for the combing technique. I used each of them for making different types of flowers or leaves. You can turn the hair comb into a quilling comb just by cutting off the end part of the comb using a small DIY hand saw. See below how I've changed the hair combs into quilling combs and view in the video the basics of how you can use the altered hair combs for the combing technique. Do watch till the end of the video because I'll be showing you how to make the  basic husking flower at the end of it! So do be patient and watch the whole video ya! Hehe! TQ!

I would say that this lice hair comb is my favourite! It's very easy to hold when doing the combing technique and I can do cascading loops with it and also the tiny loops petals as well with it. Love the small pins it has and the gap between the pins are really close together. But if I wish to make the loops look further apart from each other, I just skip a few pins to get bigger loops. You can only use one side of the comb. The other side has pins that are just too small and the gaps are too narrow for the quilling paper to go through. You can use this hair comb to make the cascading loop flower, the tiny loops flower and also the husking flower.

This hair comb is "ok la" for me hihihihi. Not my personal favourite but since it's bigger in size, it's quite comfortable to hold. The pins are quite big, thus producing bigger loops that sometimes are not to my liking.  This hair comb is not suitable for making the tiny loops flower though.  I've tested it and it didn't look that nice. But it's ok for making the cascading loops flower and husking flower :).


Suhail Zafar said…
Thanks for the video tutorial. It is very helpful
thanx k.lyn...because share benda2 yg boleh di adaptasikan..hehe..ur adaptation is so
Ĺ›wiegot-ka said…
great tutorial! I like your blog! :)
Kindest regards!
Thanks for the advice and tutorials. Very helpful.
Mary said…
I also use the hair comb while doing my quills. Thanks for the tutorial!
You're welcome! And thank you for reading this post and glad that you all liked it! Appreciate it a lot! ;)
aureliaeugenia said…
Thank you for the great tutorial!
I will give it a try !
Anonymous said…
Assalamu alaykum Azlina,

Many many thanks for the video tutorials! I always thought these flowers are so intricate - they must be really difficult. But by sharing the comb techniques, you've made it look easy enough for me to try.

Can't wait to get my hands on a comb! ;-p

Hey there. I want to thank you for ur beautiful tutorial. It really helped me alot. I wanted to try the combing technique even since I first found ur blog but i thought I ought to have a special comb. Now with ur help I finally got to try it.
Here is what I come up with.
Candela said…
Im new on this quilling world. Your tutorial DOES help me!! Thank you sooooo much!!! Keep writing, cos Im following you :)
Rachel said…
I discovered quilling recently and I just made my first card with quilling yesterday ( I love the technique you show and i will try it as soon as I can find a comb ! Thanks a lot for these videos.
Jacobsmom said…
Hi, I was wondering if you could do another video of using the comb a bit more slowly? I have a hard time following your hands..
hehehe...not sure if I have the time to do another video anytime soon....but will think about it ya.. :) all the best to you
Dina M. Salim said…
Thanks a lot for the tutorial ^^. I've made a flower based on your tutorial, with my own twist. Hope you can check it out and give comments :) Thank you.

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