Rainbow shell shape quilling petals

Just the other day, I thought that I could only use maximum four colours using the shell shape quilling method  But yesterday I realised that I could use more than that! I was just playing with the thought of using rainbow colours and tried it out first with my shredded papers to see if it could work. To my surprise, it did work although it was very time consuming and difficult to handle.

The shredded papers were a lot more difficult to handle because they are very small. They are 3mm wide and it seems that it's easier to use the 5mm quilling papers than the 3mm ones because when you've finished combing all the coloured papers, it's difficult to push the 3mm papers with the tweezers. So, I used the 5mm quilling papers instead. 

I really love how the petals turned out looking like heart shapes instead of shell shape. Especially the red and orange papers inside each petal. They really stand out. 

At first I did want to make flowers arrangement with the petals but I decided to make a mandala instead. I've never made one before. This is my first time trying so please excuse me if I am not doing it right. I'm just having fun with it. I've seen a lot of samples out there where people use quilling to make them. It's seems so much fun arranging the quilling shapes in a circle like that. 

As you can see from the photo above, I am in the process to make the mandala to decorate on my handmade cards. Just a small one. Nothing too complicated. Hope to make a few of them soon! ;)


Christine said...

Love, love, love that Mandala.

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

theyr so nice....look like mandala...

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