Lots of green and pink!


Watch this video to see how the hearts pops up inside the card  ;)
(First time ever for me to take a video of my pop up card!! So exciting!! hehe!)

Look familiar?? Yes, this design is actually a design I made sometime ago, made it last year to be exact. But the colour combination was different when I did the HB085 birthday card. And the pop up inside was different as well. You can view it at the link --> HERE. My customer wanted me to change the colours to a combination of pink and green so that's why you see there are a lot of pinks and greens here :). And for the pop up, she was interested in something like HB039, but I didn't do exactly like that and changed the pop up to make it more suitable for this design.

It took me such a long long long time to get this card done for her. She had to wait for so many months! She is such a nice and patient customer. So grateful for that :). I'm so happy that I finally get it done and also made some bookmarks for her too, which she requested especially for her and her bf ;). You can view the bookmarks below.....it's a design I've done before...you can view it at the link here ---> BM007 but since I ran out of dark brown paper, I had to substitute it with black instead but still I added the metallic brown paper for the engraved name behind the bookmark. So happy that she loved what I made for her ;). I'm so happy too! hehehehe!


A beautiful card! Beautiful soft colors!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Oh My....i really love it....im a big fan of teddy....never thought that this kinda cute design can be made....congrats....
sherotpetot said…
kemas ny u buat ^^
the card is so sweet, and love the bookmark, awesome!!!
aureliaeugenia said…
I love pop-up cards and yours is one of my favourite!
Congrats for the bookmark!
Mary said…
My goodness! I like all them very much! I'm proud of you Lin!
gift ideas said…
Its very beautiful card and image you share with us. Pink colour is my favourite colour. You have done fantastic work. Its design is very nice.
Thank you so much everyone for all you lovely comments ;)
Anonymous said…
hi may i know what is the round metal thing you put in between the punched holes in the bookmark

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