Twin girls together forever!


Twins! It's a first for me to do a birthday card for twins. When I first got the request from my customer....Aizat (he wanted me to mention his name hehehe), I thought to myself, on earth shall I do this?? Especially when he said that he wanted the twins to be holding each others hands or make it look like as if they were hugging each other! Ack!! Knowing how limited my skills were when it comes to doing figures, I even asked him to ask someone else to do this design for him.....but he insisted I do this! So, in the end, he had to wait and wait and took me almost or was it over a month to get the idea and figure out how to go about doing it hahaha..... ;)

Why choose the color pink and brown you might wonder?? Well....that's because I asked him what are the twin girl's favorite colors. Fizah loves brown and Zimah loves pink! He went through a lot of trouble to find that out from the twins! hahaha! So after that, I got the idea to use those colors as the main colors for their clothes....I decided to do the baju kurung moden hehehe.....I already knew how to do the top part, it is similar to the blouse pattern I've done before....all that is needed is to add the long skirt below. And as for the skarf....I got the info from him that the twin girls are studying at a religious both of them wear the skarves....luckily I asked! Otherwise I had to think of how to do their hair! hahah! Yikes! That would be a major problem for me to do hehehe...... I also found out that both of them wear rectangular shape glasses.....just like me! LOL! So I added those details too....hehehe....

As for the big red heart shape behind the twins and the wording "Together Forever", that was Aizat's idea.....he wanted it that way.....I just had to figure out how to do the design layout. :) The heart shape pop up inside the card, was my idea first Aizat wanted me to do a pop up of the twins hugging each other but I didn't know how to do that although I tried and tried, it didn't work out the way I wanted I had to cancel that idea and do the V-fold heart shapes instead. This way, I could add some wordings.....such as the names of the twins and birthday wishes.......and since he wanted some space on the inside for him to write out personal wishes for both the girls, this pop up design would be most suitable as there are plenty of space on the left and right side of the card for him to do so. :)

I really hope the twins will be happy when they receive this birthday card from their dear brother.....they sure are lucky to have a brother who cared enough to do this for them :) So sweet! :) I'm just happy that I get to do this in the end......almost gave up half way.....but sometimes when people believe in you so much, it's kinda hard to let them, I just did the best I could, and the only way I knew how...... :)


nus said…
suke la yg ni..ade identity sndiri :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Nus!! Appreciate it very much!! ;) said…
suka la yg ni.. mhl x harganya??
klu skali order msti byk2 ke??
Azlina Abdul said…
Harganya berpatutan dgn masa yg diambil utk membuatnya dan bahan yg digunakan....hehehe....minimum order is RM10.00. :)
Danielle said…
beautiful cards. I especially liked this one. I came across a Martha Stewart card for a pop-up of people hugging and kissing. Thought i would pass it along to you:
Azlina Abdul said…
Wow! Thanks Danielle! I appreciate your support very much! I will check out Martha's link as soon as I can! Thanks ya!!

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