Turquoise, lime green and orange teddy bears




Mini quilled teddy bears in turquoise, lime green and orange color! Yup! Requests from a new customer who wanted them in his favourite color and also in his sister's favourite colors too.

I was also requested to make some quilled alphabets of their names on the bookmark itself but I was a bit reluctant to do it since the bookmark is quite small unlike a card that has more space on it. Furthermore, my quilling skills in making those small alphabets are not up to the standard yet! haha! So I suggested to him that I do those names in the way I'm good at which is by carving out the alphabets and lining them with some thin fabric and color paper. I love how it all turned out in the end. :)

You can view some carving techniques I've done before on bookmarks at the links HERE, HERE and HERE :).

This is the first time I decorated both sides of the bookmark. Normally I would just decorate them on one side only.....but since there isn't much space for the design and the name, so I thought this would be a much better solution to combine both on one bookmark. I'm so glad that my customer loved them so much! :) 


kiddo said…
They are so cute!
fayyza ideas said…
hi lin..u inspired me...it's so cute!!! cantiiikkkk sangggatttt!!! :D
nice one... wats the paper type that u've used ?
There all so adorable, and love the colors, I also love the rose book mark, beautiful!!!
Mihaela said…
They are so beautiful, I love the colors too.
Terima kasih Fayyza...so glad I've inspired you a little here :)

Radhika...thank you...I can't remember the name of the paper but the weight is about 200gsm :)

Thank you so much Paula...and thank you for visiting my Anilza Beads blog too! :)

Mihaela...thank you so much! :)
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
i fall in love with the teddy....they are so cute....

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