Malaysian flower

Malaysian flower.......yes, that's what it's called :). This quilled flower is originally a creation of Miss Solehah Muhammad, founder of My Quilling Soul. You can view her tutorial on how she makes the Malaysian Flower at the link HERE. Ever since she created this design, so many card designers out there have tried their hand at making this special quilled flower. I myself have never tried making them until a couple of days ago when I had the urge to do so after seeing a friend of mine's Malaysian flower on Facebook :). I just had to try it once and for all! And now I'm addicted to it! LOL! :D

I've always had the impression that it will never turn out nice if I were to use shredded paper. Because all this time I've seen a lot of this Malaysian flower made by other card designers using clean cut quilling paper and they look so beautiful. The quilled design inside each petal can be seen so clearly when using the clean cut quilling paper. So since I myself love using the shredded type that has a lot of rough edges, I thought perhaps there was no point for me to try making them using the shredded paper as I thought it wouldn't look as nice. But after trying it out, I find that it doesn't look that bad after all hihihi. The quilled design inside each petal can be seen quite clearly if done the right way. :)

This is the first time as well for me to make the quilled leaves like that. I used the quilling comb to make  a few cascading loops of different sizes and then, with a slotted quilling tool, I twisted each loop inside each leaf, to the left and to the right :). Pretty easy! Love how it looks! hihi! 

Again I made the layout of this card similar like the card I made previously. I just changed the positions of the frame that's all hihihi! So simple! :D

Here's how I did it the Malaysian flower......first of all, for each petal, I used a shredded paper strip that is 29.7cm in length and and 0.35cm wide and about 80gsm in thickness. I personally prefer to use this type of shredded paper as it's easier for me to form the shape of the petal if it's not that thick. Although a lot of people have used thicker quilling strips for this, but since this is my first time trying it, I thought I should just try the 80gsm instead. Feel free to use any type of quilling strips that you are comfortable with :).

Do check out below the video tutorial I made and also step by step photos on how to make this quilled Malaysian flower ;).

At first I used the circle template as a guide for me to get the exact same shape of coils....but in the end, I just quilled each paper strip and then I let them loose on the cutting board like the photo above. 

Then I gently lift one of the quilled circle with my fingers and like the photo above, I used a bamboo skewer and pressed gently the quilled circle to fold it in half to form the shape of the petal. After that I glued the end of the strip. Then I wrapped a few rounds of the beige coloured shredded paper strip around each of the orange petal quilled shape like the photo you see below. Have fun making your own Malaysian flower!!  :)


It's GORGEOUS Noor! Have you used a 'royal flower' type curling for the leaves? It looks to me as if the leaf was made using a comb and then, curled the way royal flower is quilled.

Fantastic colour choice! My Malaysian flowers never turn out good so I have immense respect for those who can do it well! YOU are one of them :)
very beautiful, thanks for sharing how to make it, maybe now mine will come out as good as yours !!!
Paula said…
Wow, beautiful!!! Thank you for the tutorial!
wahhh...dah lama nak cr cara buat teknik quill yg ni..(padahal baru jer kenal quilling tak sampai 3 bulan..heheh)suka tutorial Lin...mudah nak faham..
Pritesh....yes that's right! I used the same technique of curling like the one in the Royal Flower! Hope to make a Royal Flower soon hihi! Thank you so much Pritesh, so happy that you love my Malaysian flower so much. Hope you will be successful in making them one day :).

Paula...thank you so much! I'm glad my tutorial helps! ;) Have fun making the Malaysian flower dear!

Sonia...thank you so much! :)

Quilling it....thank you so much! :)

Akido....thank you so much. I'm glad my tutorial is easy to understand...selamat mencuba ya!! :)
Greeting Cards said…
Wow! This is beautiful! I’m just not sure how I would mail greeting cards like these :) I love this design and it’s easier to make than I thought. Very organic looking, too with those curls. Love it!
eiela said…
kak lin, cantik bunga nih. saya nak mintak akak ajar buat daun tuh bleh? dia guna teknik macam tutorial simple rhyme tuh ke? guna teknik husking ke looping, cmtu la..
Yes Eiela...sama cam tutorial simple rhyme tu jugak....buat loops and then twist each loop guna slotted quilling tool.
Noor you are so talented and gifted with the quilling art.. I love your flowers.. :) thanks for linking up!
Jennifer Stacey said…
I am so glad that I found your site! I love your tutorials and can't wait to try!!
Priya said…
Thanks for sharing the tutorial.
Candela said…
Clever!!! I like it so much... its so different from others :)
Mahalakshmi said…
Noor, I am so happy I joined your site..You are so talented and very inspiring..I like watching your videos and I get lost in it...
Anonymous said…
very beautiful, thanks for sharing how to make it, maybe now mine will come out as good as yours !!!
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Azlina, you have my respect!
Santosh Singh said…
Beautiful creativity,thanks for the tutorial..

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