Christmas flowers


At first I wanted to do the Christmas flowers (Poinsettia) for my Christmas cards this year but the flowers I made ended up looking like this in the end haha! Doesn't look much like the Poinsettia at all :D. 

I have seen so many card designers using this technique to make quilled leaves. Have a look at Suganthi's blog HERE and Anastasia's blog HERE for more photos of this type of quilling technique that they used to make quilled leaves. They are all so beautiful! 

But instead of making leaves with this technique, I used it to make flowers instead. I love how it looks :). I used a small flat hair comb to make each petal for the flowers. You can also use a quilling comb for this technique. If you use a hair comb, the loops will be smaller in size compared to the quilling comb. I guess it depends on the size of the gaps between each teeth of the comb and also the size of the teeth as well. The smaller the gap or teeth, the smaller the loops will be. You can view how to make these flowers at the video tutorial below:

I love the ribbon as well. If I'm not mistaken I bought the ribbon about 4 or 5 years ago.....way back when I was staying in KL. Didn't buy a lot of it.....just one meter coz it was pretty expensive....couldn't afford to buy a lot of it at the time. But I decided to use it today for this card coz it's for someone special. I made this card for a special friend of mine. In fact I'll be making another one soon for another special person in my heart. These two ladies have been supporting me and motivating me in my love for card making all these years and I thought of making this card for them this Christmas. Thinking of making a pop up inside the card as well..hope to be able to get it done on time and posted. Don't want it to arrive to them so late. ;)


Maneka said…
the flowers look amazing Lin, i love the ribbon too... after a long here.. hehe
I love how your flowers turned out too Lin...wonderful card
lovely card, love the flowers, and the ribbon adds such a nice touch !!!!
They are plain gorgeous Noor! I looove the way you've used to the leaf teachnique for the flower!
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. Happy that you love the card so much! Appreciate your lovely comments ;).
Preeti said…
Love your flowers and its perforating looks on top-ziq zaq ..How you get that look
Sathya said…
Lovely quilling....and superb card

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