White love birds on black


After reading a comment from my fellow blogger and card maker, Miss Azilah from Cupcake Craft and Handmade Card, who suggested that the wedding love birds would look lovely on a black card, I immediately thought it was a good idea to try. So I did! ;) And here it is hehehe......hope you like it Azilah :). 

I made some changes on the branch to make it look different from the wedding love birds card I made yesterday. I guess that's one of the difference other than the change of color. :) This card is not exactly black.....but it's actually dark metallic grey. I purposely chose this color  instead of a pitch black card to tone down the contrast  between the white paper and the background of the card and also to make it look more elegant with the metallic color. :)

p.s. My Mom made a comment too when she saw these white wedding love birds......she said, "Why  did you make the birds look white like ghosts??!!". "Is this a sympathy card for those who have lost a loved one?" Hahahaha!! Then I said...."No Mom.....it's A WEDDING CARD laaaaaaaaaa! The birds symbolizes the bride and the groom......brides usually wear white on their wedding day remember??? hahahahaha........gosh!! :D


zann said…
Cantik kak...really appealing..
nadia said…
salam kak lin..
ada entri untuk kak lin :)


tengs for the quilled teddy card..i enjoyed it
Sandy D said…
Totally cute! I love her veil!!
Thank you Zan :)

Thanks Nadia! Appreciate the post! Terharu! :)

Thanks Sandy :)I love the veil too hehehe!
asz Jazulli said…
cantiknya...tapi kite suke yang merah..tapi dua dua pon super cantik
Thank you Asz....I like them both coz each hava their own specialty hehehe
Khushboo desai said…
hey this is so classy...jus love it
cantiknya k.lin.. sgt creative tau.. love much the veil, but the bird eyes looks scary tho.. hihii
Rizwan said…
teddy card is so much cool i really appreciate you on this efforts..

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ctok^_^chan said…
cantiknye..nk blaja jgk!!

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