Wedding love birds


I'm still in the love theme mood hehe....can't help it. The quilled birds gave me another inspiration last night. Inspired to do wedding card design with white quilled birds on it. I have done wedding cards before with white doves and even white butterflies on dark red colored card and I love the two combination. So I made a couple of white love birds and arranged it in this new layout.

It's very simple.....clean look. The only fancy thing I did was added the tiny white sequin flower on the female bird's head and sort of made the female bird a "white veil" on her head as well...hehehhe.

This is actually a card I made for my friend who is getting married soon. Hope she loves it as much as I do. I plan to print wordings inside to congratulate her and her hubby on their wedding. Can't show it here as it is kinda personal :).

This card can also be a wedding invitation card. But I don't know if I have the energy to make these in bulk hehehe....I definitely can make 50 of these....but 100?? Not sure....huhuhu....1000?? I'll faint! hahahaha! :D


As Ahmad said…
this is so lovely! love the whole white colour kak lin guna with the red bg. utk kawin as 500 please.. hehehehe :P
Thank you As! :)
hehehehe! 500??? Pengsan gue!! hahaha!
Cards by Cheryl said…
I love the simplicity of this card and the contrast with the white and red. The veil is so cute too.
Again, you have made another great card Lin.

You could always get your quilling friends to help you make 1000 of these gems (hehehe)
lovelyyyyyy..kalau as nak 500,sy nak 1000 plis kLin ;)
Azilah said…
Lovely ! Lovely ! Lovely !

I always love black & white. Black & white version pun cantik kot :)
Miyyah said…
WOW! I love this A LOT Lin!

So you've got 1500 orders already haha. Can I add another 1000? :P

cheryl, good idea on getting the quillers to multiply this card hehehe!
Inna...thank you :)

Cheryl...thank you so much...hehehe....the thought of making 1000 of these card is enough to make my head go dizzy's good idea to ask my friends to help make 1000 of them but I'm quite sure it will all come out differently in the end hehehehe....

Solehah.....waahhh...pengsan Kak Lin! hahaha!

Azilah....thank you! I think black and white is beautiful! I think I'll give it try! ;)

Miyyah...thank you! Waaahhhh now I got 2500 orders!! Triple pengsan!!! hahahaha!

Nasuha...thank you! :)
am's said…
camne kak lin wat quilling tu? kalo bulat mcm senang, tapi bentuk lain x reti la plak...
saya ni baru je nak mula jual2 kad ni. sudi2 la jenguk2, komen2, sebar2 n follow2 blog saya ni
Anonymous said…
Sue suka yang ni, how much for this one? ;)

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