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During my trip to KL recently, I was asked by my fellow craft friends about how I store my craft materials especially my ribbons, buttons, beads, sequins etc etc. They are even interested to see what my studio looks like hehe!  Honestly I'm quite embarrassed to post photos of my studio here in my blog for all to see. Especially since it's just an old room that looks more like a store room to me! hehe! I love calling it my "studio" because it's where I work. Nothing fancy about it at all. It's simple and full of stuff!! You can even find lots of old junks in here as well! haha! :D

So I won't be showing you the full view of my studio yet! ha! Sorry! Instead I'll just share with you today some tips on how I store my craft materials.......IN A CHEAP WAY! LOL! :D

The photo you see above is actually my collection of buttons. I keep them all in plastic containers. Do the plastic containers look familiar to you?? Yes, you guessed it right! It's a yogurt container! Well, most of them are!  haha! I recycled them to be used as containers to keep all my collection of buttons. I didn't have enough money to buy really fancy compartments for buttons so I've been keeping all my buttons in these containers for years now. I marked the containers with markers so that I know which color buttons are in which containers. This way, I won't get confused when trying to find the right color buttons. :)

OK! OK!  PLEASE DON'T LAUGH YA! ;) This is how I store all my beads and sequins. Some I keep in yogurt containers, some in cupcake containers, some in hotel's shampoo and conditioner containers, some in medicine containers, some in chocolate containers and the list goes on and on. As long as the containers are plastic or made of see through glass, I'll use them to keep my beads and sequins in them. :P The truth is finally out! hahahah! :D

This is a plastic container where I use to keep all my ribbons! Look familiar?? Yup, it's the same plastic container you get whenever you buy cookies! haha! I always keep them whenever I buy cookies, so that I can use them to store my ribbons. I have so many ribbons in my collection and it's difficult to keep them neatly in boxes or drawers, so this plastic container helps keep them arranged neatly inside my drawer. 

See how neatly they are arranged in my drawer? I can even stack more ribbons on top of it if I buy more ribbons in future, so this technique really saves space :). I don't like to keep my ribbons outside because I don't want them to get dusty over time. So to keep them in good condition, I prefer to store them inside closed drawers such as this. 

You can also use this plastic container to keep all your small craft punch and your rubber stamps too. :) If you don't have drawers, you can always buy those affordable clear, see through plastic containers or Tupperwares to keep your small craft items. It's cheap, and you can stack them on top of each other to save space. :) 

So you see.....I don't have fancy storage boxes or fancy containers to keep my craft materials. I just use whatever I can find at home to store them. As long as they are kept nicely and neatly in my studio, I'm fine with it hehe! I guess I'm being practical since I don't have much to spend.  What is important is what I can produce with what I have. ;)


Azaidris said…
Can't help but to leave a comment:).
What a great storing ideas- recycle.
U should be proud!
Azilah said…
yes u shud be proud ! and creative la smp storage pun creative. hehe

kalau saya punya huru hara mcm tongkang pecah.
Azilah....thanks! Ni la cara orang takde duit menyimpan barang ekekeke....janji kemas! :)
Yuenie said…
I love the way your containers are all recycled stuff, great idea! I also have the problem of knowing how to put my things (my drawer is a huge mess) but now I know the secret of yoghurt containers ;) lovely post lin.
Thank you Yuenie! I'm glad that my post can help give other crafters an idea on how to store their craft supplies. :)Let's recycle!
diyadeary said…

Thank you for writing this post! I always struggle in keeping my ribbons neat and tidy just like yours! Your idea is brilliant and I will definitely sort them using your way.. Hehe.. I think it's time to buy some cookies now.. :) Thanks again..
Love.Arts said…
bestnye kak..geram tengok ribbons2 tu..=D
DoodleDesign said…
hahaa.. ingatkan i sorang duk guna bekas plastik biskut centu..
Gosh! i think, we've so much in common la Lin..'re welcome! I'm glad you find this post inspiring! Thank you!

Love Arts....hehehe...jangan geram2...jom gi beli ribbons jom!

Doodle use those plastic cookie containers too?? Wow!! High five babe!!! hehe! At least now I know I'm not alone hehe!
Jaja said…
u're right,lin.we have to recycle things for money,save space...
Fadzillah said…
Hi Lin,

I have been following your blog for ideas. This is a great post and thank you for sharing. I am also making handmade cards. Do view my blog and comment.
Fadzillah said…
Interesting post!Thanks for sharing.

I am also making handmade cards.
Visit my blog too
Thank you Fadzillah for following! I follow you too :)
krishna said…
very lovely ideas of upcycle..

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