Ready for delivery!

Yes!!! They are all done!! All 11 quilled teddy bear cards are done and ready for delivery! :) I'm so happy! All I need to do now is make the pink envelopes. Easy.. :). I plan on doing the delivery either tomorrow or on Monday. I really hope all the cards will reach the winners safely. I hate it if it gets lost along the way or anything like that. It would be such a waste. So hopefully the winners have given me the correct address so that it will be a smooth delivery.

I really enjoyed making the teddy bears. So much fun! No more pink teddy bears left in my collection.......I need to make more after this hehehe. :) I must say, stamping the wordings is really nice. I like stamping now. It's fast, easy and you can never go wrong with it. :) 

Well gotta go.....I'm off to make the envelopes now. :) 


SyUhAdA said…
besnye sape yg dpt tu..~
kLin...diriku juga sedang jatuh cinta dengan stamp skrg >.<! tp sy belum ada stamp ag..tahan2 je hati ni utk membelinya,hahahaa..
Khushboo desai said…
they look so cute m so excited to recieve one of them
Anonymous said…
thankyou very much.. I've received it.. I love love love it.. thanks again ^^
joyahLisa said…
kak lin..
thanks for the card..
cantik sgt..
but dah terlipat sikit..
abg posmen jahat la..
Thank you all for your comments :)

Joyah...huhuhu...kesian you...memang teruk posmen sekarang nih...diaorang tu tak sabar...nak cepat and nak senang jer pos surat2 kita...hhuhu...
ekinashikin said…
thanks sis..
kita da dpt da kad tu last week...
super duper cantik....
a bit late to inform sbb x dpt nk online..huhu

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