My free cards are HERE!!!

My favourite among all the cards received, especially since my name is printed there on the card hehehehe! :)

I am so happy today!!! I got my free cards from! Woohoo! got a little wet....just a little....because of the rain. And again.....the postman threw the package on the floor!!! Urrrgghhh! He is just so impatient.... :(. 

The sad thing is, the package was not protected with any kind of special casing. The cards were not even individually sealed in plastic. So as a result, 2 of the cards received were a little affected by the rain...huhuhu. Just a little though huhuhuhu. :(

All the envelopes are white in color. That's a little boring for me since I love colorful envelopes hehehe....but I do love all the cards. I don't think I'll be using any of them at the moment. I'm keeping them for myself because I love to collect greeting cards especially the kind with special graphics like these. :)


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