Friday, December 24, 2010

Multi function tool

I was searching for this acne + blackhead extractor tool at a few places in Alor Setar but I finally got a good one when I was in KL recently. I bought this at the Mydin's Store in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It only costs RM3.90 and not only did I get this tool, but I also got the eyebrows plucker together with it. A good bargain! You can use the eyebrows plucker to pick up small craft items. It's also great when you need to glue small pieces of paper and other small craft objects onto paper/card.

Yes! You can actually use these tools for crafting! Yup! Amazing isn't it? You can actually use the sharp end of the acne extractor tool that looks like a needle for the quilling technique and also for making holes on paper. The needle is very very sharp and it can poke through the paper really well and it makes a very neat and small puncture on the paper too. Once you have punctured the paper with the sharp needle tool, you can sew a thread through those holes. Cool ya? Do view the photos below for examples on how you can use the needle for making holes and sewing thread onto paper.

Note: These small holes made by the sharp needle from the acne extractor can only fit in fine thread like the  dark blue thread you see above. For thicker thread like the ones used for crochet or cross stitch, you would have to poke the paper using a bigger needle to make bigger holes on the paper. :)

You can also use the sharp needle from the acne extractor to QUILL! Yes! I've tried it and it works wonderfully! I love it! See how I do it from the photos below :).

I simply love how the petals of the flower has a small hole formed inside it. If you use a slotted tool, you won't  get that effect, and if you use a finer needle, the hole inside the petal will be much much smaller as well. So now, for those who cannot afford to buy original quilling tools, I hope you can use this tool as an alternative to quill :). Using a bamboo skewer may not be a favourite for some because it's easily breakable if you are not gentle with it. So using this acne extractor can be your solution. The choice is in your hands :). All the best!!

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Mila@Rimbun said...

kreatifnya awak

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

hehe...thank you Mila :)


I'm using this too! Brilliant idea right ;)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Ye ke Mediha? wahhh! yup, it's a cool idea ya? Cheap and multifunctional too! love it!

farhi said...

c0ol... n i f0und it at RM1.90 sh0p with 2 0ther stuffs with it... sngat berbaloi.. hu3

~ Kak Azz ~ said...


sangat kreatif...!!!

Teruskan membina kreativiti tu yaa... =D

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