Mini teddy bears

Thinking of new projects for next year.....and somehow I can't help but include these quilled teddy bears in it. But I wanna try to make them smaller in I tried to make some mini teddy bears today. Mini "chubby" teddy bears actually...hehehe....:D

I realised that this mini teddy bear is as small as it gets! I can't make them any smaller than this. Especially the ears! It's so difficult to make the ears of the teddy bears with my chubby fingers! I can't seem to shape a tinier ear hahaha! So these ears I made for my mini teddy bears are as small as it gets! Ha!

So you can see from the photo above how small the mini teddy bear is compared to the quilled teddy bear I've made before. I made the coils of the belly a little loose for the mini teddy bear, instead of making a big tight coil like before ....simply because I wanted to make it  look a little different from the teddy bears I've made before. No other special reasons. 

Oh! Noticed how I've made those mini teddy bears in many different colors? hehe! I've tried combining shades of brown with blue, red, mustard yellow and pink before but never the made the teddy bears in one singular color. So I just did it to see how it turned out. I kinda like it a lot actually! ;)

I'm not gonna make a face for it though. It's plain.....and simple. Will think of another way to make it look a little special. Will just have to wait and see what I come up with hehehe. Till then!! ;)


sleeplesswonder said…
The bears are really cute, would be so cute on a birthday card.
minamisensei said…
just make a black bow tie ..sure cute the plain one..once i see them alot of idea come to my mind..hehhehe..too cute lorrr
jem said…
klu sy nk order yg ni boley tak?
Sleepless wonder....thank you!

Mizam...thanks Mizam hehehe....akak malas la nak letak apa2 kat dia buat masa ni hehehe....just biarkan dulu...tunggu idea datang hehehe nak order ke? Boleh! hehe! Email me ya so that we can discuss more ya :) Thanks!
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
Teddyyyy...they are cute....

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