The Golden Ladybird

Finally my ATCs are done! But, I'm not sure if they are good enough for the swap hehehe! It's a very simple drawing. A bit too simple I think. Don't you think so?? :D I'm so embarrassed!! I thought of doing something that has relations to our culture or environment as suggested by a good friend of mine but in the end.....hahaha, this is what I came up with. :D

I'm finding it hard to draw anything lately......and all I can come up with are those swirling lines that I kept making with some so called swirling leaves attached to them. The golden ladybird is supposedly a symbol of  ME. ;) I used to be called a ladybird by my cousins when I was younger........don't ask why coz I have no idea why either huhuhu....

But I do love ladybirds and I used to love searching for them in my Mom's garden. It's quite difficult to find them now these days at her garden, but there were plenty of them way back when I was younger and still schooling....hehehe.

I wanted to color my drawings but I think I've lost touch with my watercolor skills and right now I am only interested in doing line drawings. Black and white preferably. But in the end I decided to use silver and gold  metallic pen instead to color the drawings I made with pencil. I love drawing with's kinda therapeutic as well. I can just keep on drawing and drawing with it with no particular theme or subject.....just draw my heart out...hehehe :) I mean, I draw with my heart.....not my mind.....whatever comes out of it is a reflection of what's inside my heart ;).


DoodleDesign said…
I like... :)
They're simple & nice... they are U. I mean, your 'quilling' works definitely has some influence in your drawings here.
Keep it up, ladybird! hihi
mangosteenskin said…
I think your cards are great! They look like batik or henna. I believe they look much prettier in reality, photos are just not doing justice right? :)
sleeplesswonder said…
I think they are cute, simple but cute.
CANTIK!! simple but nice. mcm design batik. klw atas kanvas ni da bley canting ni;)
Grace to You said…
I love the ATCs - your drawing skills are enviable! I'd hate to see what it would look like if I tried to free-hand something. :) And they're personable, since you drew something that represents should mention that on the back of the cards!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! :) I'm glad that you all think that my ATCs are good...I was really worried about it huhu....I think I should draw more from now on to polish up my skills hehe!

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