Love on Wheels

 Turn Me On

Love Hideaway

 Raven Pony Blue

Heart Birthday Balloon

 Sailor Lifesaver Thanks

 Brown Bird

 *photos of greeting cards above are taken from

Aren't these greeting cards gorgeous??? I truly think so! These are the cards that I ordered from These are just a fraction of the designs available there. They have so many many other designs  available at their website. I wish I could afford to buy them all hehe! :)

I received an offer recently from to do a review of their greeting cards and website. I was really surprised and honoured  at the same time to be given the opportunity to try shopping at their website. This is the first time for me to shop for greeting cards online :). And it was so much fun!!!!! It's a whole new experience for me. A good one too!

I was so excited! I had a hard time figuring out which card design to choose from. They have so many varieties of  greeting cards for any occasions. They have birthday cards, wedding cards, love cards, thank you cards,  sympathy cards, anniversary cards, graduation cards, personalize business cards......and the list just goes on and on and on! You can even shop by designer. Meaning, you can choose which designer you like there at and shop for the cards that the designer makes for Cool huh?? I personally LOVE Tori Higa's designs! So much so that I chose 3 of her designs when I shopped there.  

Another cool thing about is that you can personalize your cards to your fancy. You can even add photos of yourself or your friends or family on the card you choose from the website. I would have chosen those type of cards if I had really nice photos of myself in my collection......but, since I didn't have much that was good enough to be printed, I decided to choose the other designs that didn't require me to add photos of myself in it hehehe. But seriously, it's something really cool to try out if you do have good photos in hand. I wish I had some! huhu! Because they have so many beautiful templates of designs for us to use with our photos. So this is a cool alternative for those who love photography and have a wide collection of photos in hand. does not only give you a wide selection of cards to choose from, but they also let you personalize the wordings or text inside the card and in some designs, you can even personalize the text in front of the card. That I must say is so cool!! There was one design that I chose which was a note card and I persoanlized the wordings at the front of the card by typing my name on it!! I can even change the font and colors to suit the color of the card. I can even add photos inside the card and type in any wordings/wishes inside it. There are many different layouts offered for the inside of the card. So it's so much fun because we can do whatever we like to personalize it. 

The website is also user-friendly. A first timer like myself, didn't have any trouble at all using the application at the website to personalize my cards. All I had to do was just choose the card I like, then personalize it and then add them to my cart. If we decide to change our mind and want to choose another card instead, we can simply edit our shopping cart. So there is no problem whatsoever. No worries. It's so simple.

As much as I love handmade cards, I also admire printed cards like the ones offered at this website. Their designs are fresh and up to date. The service that they provide at the website is good too. They also have promotions during the holiday season. You can enjoy 20% off purchases when you shop at the website. All you have to do is type in the code CSHOLIDAY20 and you'll get the 20% off!! (*for first purchase only). The offer is on till 31st of December 2010.

With plenty of designs and customization options to choose from, lets you send out something for the holidays that is both personal and creative. So please visit and see for yourself how cool it is! :) 

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