Thank you so much Mas!


How sweet is this sweet color combo?? I love the sweet soft pastel colors here. I was requested to do a thank you card for the same customer who ordered the Chelsea FC card. This card is for her dear friend Mas. I was the one who suggested a pop up inside but at the time I had no idea what to do yet....hehehehehe.....I only had the idea of doing it as sweet looking as possible....cute, adorable like what my customer wanted. Something with soft pastel colors and feminine looking.

I realized that after so many times making a handmade card that is quite big in size, now I find making a card that is small quite in size quite difficult to do...hehehe....funny huh??? Well, that's how I felt when I made this card....I felt like there is not much room for decoration.....and it was quite difficult to make a pop up inside....especially a pop up like the one above. Perhaps for small cards like this, it's better to make simpler pop ups.'s a lesson learned for me this time. I guess I was too adventurous in trying. ;P

But all in all I love this sweet looking card no matter what......I am so in love with the colors.....I would love to have a blouse with these colors on girlish like me!!! :D


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