Selamat Hari Lahir Nurdini Atikah....


I think by far, this is the most colorful card I've ever made hehehehe.... :). It's for a 9 year old kid....Nurdini Atikah. This design was something that I wanted to try out and at first I did something that was a little different at the top of the card, then I took them out and replaced it with those foam confetti. I love has that raised effect. I just randomly arranged all the square gift boxes at the bottom of the card and place colorful metallic strings on it that I've formed into a ribbon shape.

I was not sure of what kind of pop up I would do on the inside of the card.....then I thought of doing a pop up of the birthday girl herself. Although I've never seen her before, I just randomly chose to do her in this attire and with that shape of  face. It was done spontaneously. I just did whatever came to mind. All I thought was, I wanted it to be something different and different it was indeed. :)


Grace to You said…
LOVE the presents and confetti - so fun!!

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