I've wanted to do this and add this quilling technique into my card collection for a long time already. I've done this technique before....yup.....long long time ago in a galaxy far far away hahahaha.......which means, I haven't done this technique in quite a long time. Back then when I first started learning how to make cards, I didn't even have the proper tools to do it. I just rolled up the strips of paper and formed it into different quilling shapes.

Last couple of months ago when I made a trip to Kuala Lumpur, I went to search for craft tools and stumbled upon this quilling tool set at Scrapbook Memories in One Utama, Damansara. You should have looked at my reaction when I first saw it! I almost jumped up with joy! Tried to contain myself from screaming and doing the dance of joy! hahaha! I never thought I would find it there. I thought I might have to order them online someday......never occurred to me that it would be available in Kuala Lumpur. How ignorant of me! huhuhuhuhu.......oh well....at least I got it at last!

But till now I have not yet made any designs from it.....huhuhuhu......the flowers you see at the photo above is the only thing I've done so far. Sigh.... :I.  I've been so busy, that I don't have time to try out this new technique. I need to study how to do it as well......thank God for the online tutorials!! Yup, there are lots of them online....at Youtube and other websites. Just Google and you'll get a lot of websites that gives a lot of great step by step instructions on how to start quilling.

One thing though that I realised.....without that small little tool......you'll find it hard to do it....yes indeed. Coz I've tried doing it before without the tool and it was so slow! This tool definitely helps making it fast and easy. If you wanna know more about quilling....check out the websites below. There is a whole bunch of great infos there for us to start quilling. :)

Below is a slotted quilling tool that I am currently selling at my blog:


Just email me at inaabdul_21@yahoo.com if you wish to purchase this slotted paper quilling tool. Thank you! :)

Watch the video tutorials I made below on how to quill using the needle quilling tool and the slotted quilling tool :)


salam kak... mane nak beli barang2 kraf ek.. cth nye quilling nie...
sararisa said…
hi...i pun minat quilling...lama jugak tak buat quilling...
quilling lebih sesuai pakai polystyrene glue...baru tak nampak kesan glue bila kering nanti...happy crafting!! :)
Alang Pop Up said…
Seronoknya baca Lin punya psot kali ni... lucky lah dapat jmpa tool macam ni...good2 spread your wing Lin... Amin...
Azlina Abdul said…
Princess 9 Muharram...Lin beli quilling tool set ni kat Scrapbook Memories at One Utama, Damansara. Kat situ leh dapat macam2 craft tools and paper yg cantik2. Happy shopping kat sana ye! ;)

Sararisa...yup dear! you are right! I pun dah try testing glue mana yg sesuai and memang polystyrene glue is the best one! :)

Alang, thanks ya! Insyaallah sama2 kita spread our wings and fly! ;)
Miyyah said…
Hi Lin,

Been lurking at your site for a while now hehe..

Quilling tool set pun boleh dapat di Artfriend, The Gardens, kat situ murah sikit compared to Scrapbook memories kat One Utama. Set of 2 @ RM19.90, tapi different brand la. Tapi kalau sape tak nak guna tools, guna toothpick pun boleh untuk buat quilling.
Azlina Abdul said…
Miyyah...thank you so much for sharing with all of us here info regarding the quilling tools....I'm a fan of your artwork! Gorgeous!!!
✿ n0ra ✿ said…
Semalam gi Nilai 3 tapi mmg takder ek Tools nih? Certain Artsy shop ajer ader ke? BUt ur idea of buat dgn bamboo tu mmg bagus., Gonna try that one before buy the tools ;)
Anonymous said…
Art friend is no longer selling it. :-(

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