My heart belongs to you.....


Yes! It's done! Finally! I'm loving it too! I received a request to do a design similar to V021 but was also given the permission to make some changes here and there to make it different. And so I did some changes  in the layout and I added something to it that is similar to another one of my card designs I did before.  Which is adding the foam hearts with glitters on it. A lot of mix and match here I must say hehehe.  I made it look like as if all the hearts are trapped in boxes hehehe.....can you see it?? ;)

This design was pretty time consuming, but fun to usual all my card designs takes a lot of my time to make.....and since I work very slow, it's even more time consuming hahaha! All the hearts were cut by hand....each and every one of it....even the tiny ones in between the bigger ones. No craft punch was used for this particular design. Oh! Except for the teeny weeny white hearts on the envelope! That one I used a  heart shape craft punch! hahaha!

For the pop up, I was given the choice of either doing a pop up like the one in V021 or in HB055 and I decided to do something like the one in HB055. Still, I made some changes to it. Always trying to make it look different.....just some little changes though....not that much :). I made it look like the 2 tier birthday cake was sitting on the gift boxes....surrounded by them! :) 

What I like most about this type of design is that I can change the color combination if someone where to request it so. It's easy to change it unlike other designs. It is always a good challenge though if it was difficult to do so but I don't mind if I get to do something easy once in a while :).


Grace to You said…
With that black background, the front design looks kind of like stained glass. Cool!
pucukpaku07 said…
hye lin, loved this one, how much is it ?

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