King for a day!


This is a treat to do! Another new theme in my collection :). Medieval King theme. It was inspired by the birthday wish that my customer wanted me to print inside the card. She gave me the wordings that was about her brother being King for a day on his birthday. The wordings were really nice! So I thought, why not have the subject matter be connected to the wordings? Wouldn't that be nice and something new. So after she agreed with my suggestion, I also asked for her brother's photo so that it would look similar to him. Well, I tried my level best......I think the lips resembles the real person hihihihi..... :)

I also did a pop up cake.....vertically instead of doing it horizontally. This is a first for me to do it vertically like that. So since the pop up square is flat, I can't make the cake look like the usual pop up  3 tier birthday cake I usually make. Hence the candles can only be placed at the top of the tier instead of placing them on each tier. I would have done the usual 3 tier pop up birthday cake but since I had to put the wordings at the side, I was not able to do the usual pop up cake. If the wordings were little, probably I could. But this one was quite a lot and required a lot of space. I also decorated the cake with a lot of gold glitter glue. Lots of the cake looks so sparkly and shiny! hihhihihi! Love that effect!


Norida Akmal said…
cantikla kad yg akak wat 2.........
geram tgk..........cantik-cantik
Azlina Abdul said…
Terima kasih Norida :) hihihihi....appreciate it very much!

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