Cupcake cards!


I got a request from a customer who was interested in my HB010 birthday card. She wanted two of them but in a different color combination. One will be a combination of purple and pink and the other will be a combination of purple and orange. I tried my best to get it right and make it look harmonize.

I did do the design a little differently this time around. I changed and added a few new things in the original design. The icing of the cupcake, I made it using foam. If you look at the original design, I only used paper, a thick paper, because at that time, I didn't even know that the foam existed in the market...hihihihi....and perhaps also, at that time, it was not so widely sold at stationary shops. So I only used a thicker piece of paper for the icing. But now, it's much more fun to use foam :). The lower part of the card, I decorated it with strips of colored paper of different color combination to fill up the empty space at the bottom. In the original design, I decorated it with gold dots. I think these changes are better than the original. At least I would like to think they are hihihihi! I love them...very simple and sweet! :)


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Azlina Abdul said…
Hello! I've visited your blog... Love your lovely!
Azlina Abdul said…
Alang...memang sedap pun...berperisa anggur dan strawberry tu hihihihi :)

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