Closed for commissions in month of May & June 2010...

Hello my lovely readers! Good day!

I have a really important announcement to make to all who are interested in ordering my handmade cards in May & June 2010.....I'm so sorry to announce that I have to stop taking orders for at least 2 months because at the moment my hands are already full. I have so many pending orders to finish up during my leave.
Another reason why I'm making this announcement is so that whoever has interests in ordering cards from me can make plans in advance. So if you need my handmade cards starting from the month of July please book/confirm your order earlier to ensure getting your cards at the time that you wished for. If you book your order now, you would probably receive your order a lot later. Which means you would have to wait and be in the waiting list. I make the cards based on first come first serve. I do not have anyone to help me out with the card making and managing my business. It's a one man show. So I do hope you would be so kind to understand and consider my situation at hand.

I also would like to inform that I do not make card samples for my customers......this is regarding custom made cards.....I do not have the time or budget to make samples for everyone. Making the card itself, especially custom made cards are so time consuming......and time is so limited these days. Plus, to make the card samples that includes personalized wordings on it is not good for me because if you don't like the samples, then I can't use that card anymore because if it has someone's name of it. In other words, I lose time and money there. When ordering, all you need to do is inform me your color of choice, size of card you prefer, provide me the wordings of your choice, what type of theme you prefer, and whatever you wish for to have on that card, when you want it.......just email me the details......then we can work out on a design that you would love. Please do not SMS me when you wish to discuss on the design. I would prefer that you email me or YM me (if I'm online) whenever you would like to discuss on the design. Once the design is confirmed, then payment must be done before I start making the card for you. I'm so sorry that I have to mention all this here, but I think it's necessary to inform, because I do get a lot of inquiries regarding this matter and I feel that it's best that I mentioned it here so that everybody else can benefit from this information.

To those who have confirmed their orders with me and have made your payments, please do not worry, I shall  be completing your orders as planned. Thank you so much for your kind patience and understanding. :)



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