Pop up Kaabah


I receive a request to do a Haji theme card from a customer who wishes to give this card to her parents when they arrive home from performing their haj next week. I have never done this type of card before so it's a new thing for me to learn.

The first thing that came to my mind was to make a pop up Kaabah for this design. I was thinking of how to go about it and then I searched for pop ups that was in the shape of a box. I went to Extreme Cards and Papercrafting blog to see if there were any samples of such pop ups and luckily there was one! Yay! A closed box pop up! But the box was a bit short and not the kind that I needed to make the Kaabah. So I had to change the size so that it will look a bit similar to it. It was really tough!! I had to do it a few times till I really got it right. Do check out the blog to see the tutorial for a pop up closed up box :).


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