Pop up house! ;)


This is one of pop up projects that I have wanted to do since I moved back to Alor Setar. I saw a video of how to make a pop up house on Youtube a few months back. Ever since then I've been thinking of doing it, and when my regular customer ordered a birthday card for her mother with a theme that's related to home sweet home....I took the opportunity to make this pop up house for her.

The ideas for the design just came during the process of making the card itself.....I just added them bit by bit as I go along. My customer already had in mind what she wanted for the design of the card....for example, her mother loves to garden and loves her chickens too. So I thought why not make a simple garden and add some chickens, butterflies, birds and some blue clouds to make it look cheerful. :) As for the design on the inside, I just made the pop up cottage house and added a pathway with bushes and flowers along it :). Most of the shapes I pasted on the card are done by hand using plain scissors except for the flowers, butterflies and one of the leaf that I used craft punches. The rest like the clouds, birds, the long leaves, bushes are done by cutting them up using plain scissors. The most interesting part of the pop up house for me would be the roof! Why? Because I pasted layers and layers of scallop patterned paper on it to make it look like a roof for the house. I really love that part. :)

It's funny how many months ago I thought that this pop up house was so hard to do. Now that I have tried making it I realized that it's not that hard after all. You just need to follow the pattern correctly and things will fall into place. :)


FAWA said…
kak ina...so mabeles....sangat33xx
Azlina Abdul said…
ehehehe! Thanks Fawa! Appreciate it very much! :)
Eve said…
wow! what a beautiful card you've made! great job!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Eve....you make cute cards too! :)
miszsya manaf said…
sgt cantik kad2 yg awk buat...great job!

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