Pop up flowers in a pot

A birthday card for an old friend......my aunt's dear friend, Kak Ann....I think they have known each other for more than 20 years now....My aunt wanted me to do a pop up card for her dear friend. I've been thinking of a design for a long long long time......my ideas have dried up! hahaha! Plus I was not in the mood to create lately.....just don't feel like creating anything.....just want to go to the beach and relax....huhuhuhu....But since a promise is a promise....I had to fulfill it.

Inspired by one of the designs I did for my Teacher's day cards.....I expanded the idea and made it in a bigger card with a different combination of colors. In the beginning I wanted to do a different pop up design.....and the layout design for the card had to be vertical in order for me to do that....but a slight mistake in the printing, made me change the layout. I printed the wordings too big for the vertical design.....so that's how it ended up being horizontal. I had fun arranging the flowers and the leaves on the card......it looks like an embroidery design or something hehehe....

As for the pop up.....I've longed wanted to do the box pop up technique....I should have made the box a bit smaller in width so that the pot would be able to hide it...hehehe....I kinda like this technique as it is easy to do and you can paste any object on it to make it pop up. :)

Kak Ann's birthday is on the 10th of May......Hope she will love the card :) Happy Birthday Kak Ann!!!!! ;)


taz said…
kak lin, ur cards is so neat. kalau taz buat, mesti ada senget2 sikit kat mana2. mcm mana kak lin buat eh? and the flowers too, comel sgt. guna puncher eh? kak lin tau tak kat mana jual puncher mcm tu yg murah?
Azlina Abdul said…
Taz...practice makes perfect! Kak Lin dah lebih 10 tahun buat cards ni..so dah banyak practice..masa mula2 buat memang xlawa pun, so kenalah banyak practice.

Punchers memang mahal...kalau xmampu nak beli semua, then you belajar gunting pattern bunga yg dilukis sendiri...Kak Lin dulu pun terpaksa gunting sendiri sebab xmampu nak beli puncher...you got to be creative dengan kelebihan yg diberikan Tuhan :) Bukan semua bentuk bunga yg digunakan pada cards tu menggunakan puncher...ada banyak yg Kak Lin gunting sendiri pattern yg dilukis...
taz said…
wwow. yeke? so impressed :D itu la. puncher2 ni mahal la. nanti la kalau dh dapat income sikit boleh la beli. hehe. buat masa sekarang gunting sendiri je la. bak kate akak, practice makes perfect. thanx kak! :D
Azlina Abdul said…
No problem Taz! :) banyakkan practice ye! Kalau you gunting sendiri patterns tu, it will make your cards extra special and more exclusive compared to the other cards in the market... :)

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