Bookmark + Card

TD006 (yellow + purple + pink + white)
*added ribbon beaded bookmark

This design is totally different from what I've done's a combination of a card and a ribbon beaded bookmark. At first it was suppose to be a paper beaded bookmark but in the end I had to used the ribbon beaded bookmark instead because it was kinda difficult to do the paper bookmark according to my customer's request. The receiver of this card can take out the bookmark from the card by untying the soft pink ribbon that ties the ribbon beaded bookmark to the card.

For the inside of the card, I added decorations of the flower for the left side of the page.....the flower is actually the design from my latest teacher's day paper beaded bookmark. My customer wanted me to add that design in this card. It has on it the wordings, Happy Teacher's Day on the flower and leaves. The right side of the card has the poem that is dedicated to the teacher. Really lovely wordings picked out by my customer herself. :)

Again as you can see the color combination is of yellow and purple as it's the color based on the school's logo. My customer ordered a few of these cards for the teachers there. :) I really hope the teachers will love the card that they will be receiving soon hehehe.....


Grace to You said…
What a nice gift!! The people who receive them will be so pleased.
SOHO Mama said…
Lin, where's the bookmark eh? Sorry, tak jumpa cari dalam gambar ni :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Millie....bookmark yg Lin buat utk kad ni Lin selitkan dekat kad tu...look at the purple ribbon with the beads...that's the bookmark's a ribbon beaded bookmark. You can view more of these types of bookmarks at my other blog (Anilza Beads). :)

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