How to make a quilling ketupat

I have been getting requests to make a video tutorial on quilling ketupat since I first started making them in 2010. Gosh that was so long ago!! I've been postponing it for too long and I guess this year is the year to make it. Finally! 

Eid is coming soon in about a month's time so it would be a good time to make this tutorial now as many out there would benefit from it. I'm sure a lot of people especially from Malaysia who would love to make this quilling ketupat for their Eid cards.

Quilling ketupat? So how does one make them anyways? Well, for would need some quilling papers or shredded papers. You can use any colour paper you like. But if you don't have the means to make shredded papers using the mini paper shredder, you can easily cut the A4 size paper length wise by hand to the size of 3mm x 297mm. You would also need white glue, a slotted quilling tool and a circle template. Just the basic tools.

The idea is to make small quilling squares about 9 of them per quilling ketupat and join them up together to form the shape of a quilling ketupat. The larger the ketupat you wanna make, hence the longer the quilling paper you need per quilling square. To make my quilling ketupat, I only used about half the length of the quilling paper to make one small quilling square. The frills at the top and bottom side of the quilling ketupat uses the same length of quilling paper to make them too.You can understand more on how to make them by viewing the video itself.

You can see examples of quilling ketupat cards that I've made in the past at the links below: 


Below is the video tutorial on how to make the quilling ketupat. Do check it out and try making them yourself. Have fun! :)


Cik karmila said...

nice art...i luv it ^^

Sakura said...

Salam Azlina,

Terima kasih share tutorial nie. Sy ingt nk try utk buat kad raya tahun nie.. =D
Tp saya nk tanye skit. Quilling nie senang tanggal x kalau tampal atas kad? Lagi satu soalan, kalau kad tu masuk dlm smpul utk diposkan okay ke? Kene ade pkai special glue ke?
Trime kasih!!

Sakura said...

Salam Azlina,

Thanks share tutorial nie!! Sy ingt nk but utk mad ray than nie.. ^^
Tp sy nk tanye skit. Quilling nie kalo tampal atas kad senang trtanggal ke? Sebab sy plan nk pos kt kwn yg blaja oversea skali. Kne ad pkai special glue ke, or ade tips ke supaya tak tercabut.
Trime kasih bebyk!

Azlina Abdul said...

Cik Karmila.....terima kasih! :)

Azlina Abdul said...

Assalamualaikum Sakura...
Saya hanya guna white glue untuk tampalkan ketupat tu di atas kad. Tak perlu guna special glue yg kuat.....white glue tu sudah cukup kuat. Pastikan letak glue tu dengan sekata di seluruh permukaan ketupat itu, supaya dapat melekat dengan baik di atas kad. Pastikan glue juga frills di atas dan bawah ketupat tu. In shaa Allah tak akan tertanggal walaupun dipos ke luar negara :)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

Hye Lin!!!

Sgt creative laaa quilled ketupat nie.. hihi...
Suke tgk your crafts, especially the handmade books, dr dulu sy follow that one.. (follow as in tengok je la...hihihi)

Anyway, awak punya post ni masuk dlm article kat Says la! Congrats!! Nie linknya:

Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Nisa!
Wow...thank you for letting me know about it. I didn't even know my article was featured at I'm happy to know that you like my artwork too! Appreciate that very much! :)

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