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Yesterday I received a lovely email from Miss Jennifer Tigges who is the owner of the blog "A Letter A Day Keeps The Sadness Away".  She approached me with her idea about sending a letter a day for an entire year. I was really fascinated by her idea and to my surprise she asked if I was willing to donate some of my cards for her project. It doesn't matter how many cards I want to donate....it can be just one, or two or three or how many my heart desires.  And so I immediately said yes :).

In return for the donation, she will write about my handmade cards at her blog and she will write about me as well to those who will be receiving my handmade cards. I have no idea who will be receiving them, but I hope whoever they may be, it will bring much joy and happiness to the person receiving it. To be able to put a smile on someone's face is something that money can't buy. ;)

I do have some collection of cards that I have put aside simply for giveaways. So this is just another good channel for me to give other than doing blog giveaways. I love participating in this type of project and it makes me happy to be able to donate my handmade cards for a good cause. So, if you are a cardmaker yourself and would like to donate some cards to Jennifer, you can do so by contacting her at her email address: jtigges@mac.com    :). Do visit her blog too if you wish to find out more about her project ----> A Letter A Day Keeps The Sadness Away

Thank you everyone for stopping by! ;)


cikpia said...

nice one!!! may ALLAH bless u....

chillin with Quillin said...

That is so sweet, theres nothing like putting a smile on someones face !!!!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Cikpia! :))

Thank you Paula! :))

It's nice to make someone happy just by giving something we make with lots of love :)

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