Happy New Year 2012

Hello dear readers!

I hope it's not too late for me to wish Happy New Year 2012 to all my readers! Today is the first day of a brand new year for all of us and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for all your continuous support for this blog throughout 2011 and for still sticking around with us for 2012 :).

Although I didn't blog as much in 2011 compared to 2010, for me 2011 was an awesome year for me nonetheless. A lot has been achieved by Lin Handmade Greeting Cards and I think I've learned so much last year personally. But there is so much more to improve creatively and in business. 

For this new year, I've so many things planned and hopefully be able to carry out each plan that I have made for this blog. One of it is to bring back one of my most favourite activity which is "Blog Giveaways". It probably won't be as big as I did in 2010. It will just be a small one that I do each month for my dear loyal readers. I'll blog about it soon enough :).

A lot of people are still not aware that I no longer take personalised card orders. Yes, it's true. I'm taking a break from taking personalised card orders for a while. Not sure for how long. Perhaps until I am ready to do it again. Truly sorry to disappoint those who are interested in personalised cards from me. I hope you understand. 

I want to concentrate on other new projects for this new year and taking out personalised orders from my work list is a must to make the new projects successful. I hope to be able to make ready made cards instead and hopefully that will be something that you will like. :) Hopefully ;).

Here I would like to apologize to those who's emails or messages in Facebook or in blog I did not reply or replied so late. Surely it was not intentional. Truly sorry. Due to technical problems sometimes these things happened and your messages did not get to me or was not replied as fast as you hope I would. Hopefully this year, I will be able to avoid such problems and things will run smoothly for all of us.

Lastly, I do hope to get your continuous support and positive feedback so that I can improve for the better. Again, I wish everyone a very happy new year and all the best!! ;) 


chillin with Quillin said...

sounds like you have a plan, good luck, and happy 2012 to you and yours!!!!

Lady Windsor said...

Hi Lin, wish u happy new year too. Cheers!


Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Paula! Good luck and Happy new year to you!

Thank you Kshasha! Happy new year to you!! ;)

Paula said...

Happy New Year to you, Azlina!

I wish you health, inspiration and all the best wishes in the world!

Eenzy Beenzy said...

Happy New Year Lin!
Wshing you all the best for your new projects!
Always love to see your creations!

Greeting Cards said...

Happy New Year...have a Great Cards...LOL...

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you as well. And since 2013 is coming, I would like to send my warm new year wishes to you and your family. Happy holidays!

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