Dusty pink roses easel card


Hello everyone! I have not been active here as much as I should and I seriously have to get back in action as often as I can here from now on wards otherwise I would be in trouble in updating what I've been up to for the past few weeks. A lot has happened since my last post and I've been busy making cards and quilling sets. So lots of blogging to do soon before the year ends!
This is actually my second easel card that I made in November and there is another one I made in November too which has a similar design but with different occasion. One is a birthday card and the other is an anniversary card. Both have different colours but almost the same layout though. Oh well, you'll see what I mean soon enough once I've blogged about it :).

I was thinking of new ways to decorate this card and I remembered the die cut rose pattern I bought years ago. I used to hate using this die cut rose pattern because I actually thought it was not pretty when rolled up. Not sure why I changed my mind this time around. I kinda love it now! Haha! Yes, I guess people do change their minds after some time. We just never know how we would feel about certain things sometimes. One minute we hate it, and the next minute we might just love it.

I used a few pattern papers that I was never going to use as a background layout for my handmade cards to make the quilled roses. The colours of the pattern papers for the roses somehow fits nicely with the rest of the colours of papers I picked for the card. So no pattern paper will ever be wasted from now on wards! Yay!!

This is what it looks like inside the card when you open it...... :).

I made two of this design so far for two special ladies. I've known them since I was little and they are fans of my handmade cards. So making this card for them was really great because they really adore handcrafted cards so much. 

Do check out the video of the card below. Thank you so much for watching! ;)


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