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Salam Aidilfitri pop up spiral card

OK! So here's what happened. Some time ago, I had received some really pretty card stock that I got from a good friend of mine. I'm not really sure what they were for, they looked like wedding invitation card stock or something. I never asked her what it really was. It has this really pretty gold lining on all sides and twin gold heart shape on it.

You can see what it looks like in the photos below. Anyways, I have been wanting to use them for something but didn't have an idea back then of how to use them until recently I came up with the idea to recycle them as Raya cards. It doesn't necessarily need to be a Raya card. It can be used as any type of card for any occasion. But I decided to put a Raya sentiment inside so that I can use it myself to give to my loved ones this year. :D

On the inside of the card, once it is folded, you can see like an impressed image of the twin hearts....I really love it! So even though, I don't get to use the twin gold hearts on…

How to make a quilling ketupat

I have been getting requests to make a video tutorial on quilling ketupat since I first started making them in 2010. Gosh that was so long ago!! I've been postponing it for too long and I guess this year is the year to make it. Finally! 
Eid is coming soon in about a month's time so it would be a good time to make this tutorial now as many out there would benefit from it. I'm sure a lot of people especially from Malaysia who would love to make this quilling ketupat for their Eid cards.
Quilling ketupat? So how does one make them anyways? Well, for would need some quilling papers or shredded papers. You can use any colour paper you like. But if you don't have the means to make shredded papers using the mini paper shredder, you can easily cut the A4 size paper length wise by hand to the size of 3mm x 297mm. You would also need white glue, a slotted quilling tool and a circle template. Just the basic tools.
The idea is to make small quilling squares abo…