Quilled lanterns on CNY cards


I wanted to make some Chinese New Year cards for my neighbours this year. I didn't have time to make complicated and overly fancy cards for them this year, therefore I opted for something really simple and fast to do. So I decided to make these quilled lanterns. It's the first time for me to make them. They are not that difficult to make too.

I made two types, one vertical card and the other a horizontal one. The horizontal one has pop up cherry blossoms inside it. I haven't been making new pop up card designs for quite a while now. It was great fun making them this year. Really thrilling even though it was a simple one :). Gosh...I'm so easy to please hahahaha!!

You can view how the cherry blossoms pops up inside the card at the video below. :)


Grace to You said…
Lin, these are so pretty!
Shylaa Shree said…
beautiful dotted embossing, quilled lanterns, a nice way of welcoming the new year Noor
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
sooo cute....i love the pop up cherry blossom...
Mieyra Mohamad said…
Nk follow sis punye insta n nk beli quilling paper..tp x jumpe imsta sis.mcm mne ye klau nk beli?
Thank you so much everyone! <3 :)
Lovingcottage said…
What a unique CNY card! Love the quilled lanterns :)

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