Winner of the August 2013 Blog Giveaway

A bit late with the announcement but at least it's still during the first week of September ehehehe! Gosh, can you believe it?? It's already September! My favourite month of the year of course because my birthday is coming soon ehehe! Although the number is increasing but who cares right? I'm always young at heart! ;)

OK! Now back to the giveaway! The winner is lucky number 98! I'm not really sure if the winner is a "he" or a "she" because of the name this person wrote at Mr Linky is without any vowels ehehehe! So I have no idea how to pronounce it myself. But I'm guessing that it's a she! :)

The name of the winner is Ym Shbm. that's the name of the winner! I hope you will contact me soon at my email address (, so that I can post to you the gifts.

Thank you so much again to all the participants who tried their luck in winning for my August giveaway.....I truly appreciate your support a lot.  Stay tuned for September's Blog Giveaway.....I've got something really special for my another lucky winner! ;)


Fit Kitty said…
Congratulations to the lucky winner!
Shylaashree said…
congrats to the winner
Siti HM said…
yeahhh... im the last...hihi...kak, sy da email details..tq kak... =P

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