Little girl's birthday swing card


I almost gave up a few days ago. I wonder if my customer felt the same too at that time. She had to wait a long time for this card to be completed because I had a pretty difficult time getting an idea for it! It looks like a simple design right? Nothing that complicated. But sometimes I can't even think of a simple design....hahahaha! I always wanna complicate things. Indecisive too! But in the end.....the card looks simple anyways! LOL! :D Sometimes what I planned to do comes out differently from what I had in mind. It always does. I'm just super relieved that my customer is very happy with the results! :D

This pink theme girlish birthday swing card is made especially for my customer's 8 year old daughter. Her name is Fatin (if I'm not mistaken) ;). She is very much interested in card making, quilling etc. I was so surprised when her mother told me about her passion for crafting. It makes me really happy to know that at that young age, she already knows what she wants and what she is passionate about. She had already told her mother that she wishes to learn about crafting from me sweet! Hopefully someday she and I can meet up and have fun shaa Allah....God willing.... :). 

I used a lot of sponge stickers for this card.....just like how my customer wanted it. She wanted something like the birthday card that I did in my first swing card....but since that card was meant for a boy , so I had to make some changes with the colours and motifs since this card is for a girl. She also mentioned how much her daughter loves pink! So pink it is all over! With a little white, soft yellow and purple combination. :)

I wanted so badly to use the die-cut letters of Happy Birthday on the card. I tried to arrange them, but they won't fit in if they are arranged in a straight line!! So I had to arrange them in a way that all of them can fit in one space. Even though they are not in a straight line, I kinda like looking at them randomly arranged that way.... :D As long as you can read it, then its all good! :D

I love the paper balloons! This is the first time I'm using them! I bought the balloon motif craft punch so long ago and only thought of using it now for this card. Kinda nice not having to cut out my own paper balloons hehehe.....I kinda wish I have a bigger balloon craft punch now.....coz it's super nice to use for birthday cards!

Have a look at the video of the card below for a closer look at the card and how it swings in motion! :)


kak lin, this card is brilliant...your colour choice is too good... i really love it...
Suman Pandit said…
so perfect!!love the colors!!
mazni said…
cute n creative! :D
Shylaashree said…
awesome colours and lovely card for the cute girl Lin
wow this card is awesome ,love all the colors and embelishments go so well together !!!!
Rose Angeline said…
Cute .. love the sponge stickers used :)
Nour Madihah said…

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