A request I received last year from a regular customer of mine to make a love theme card for her dear BF........but at the time I just didn't have the time to make one for her, so she had to wait to get it this year. And since she gave me the full freedom to design it for her, I decided to use one of my current favourite type of layout which is the center step up card to make the love theme card for her.

I love using the engraving technique for the words "I <3 U".....just a simple engraving... First time for me to engrave the paper and then emboss it with the swiss dots emboss template. Love the effect! :)

I also loved using the MS Vintage Heart craft punch for the center part of the design and for the space inside the card for writing personal wishes.....I haven't been using that craft punch much, but I'm glad I found another way of using it as a part of the decoration for the card.

I bought some love theme teddy bear sponge stickers some time ago but been keeping them for future projects and thought that this love theme card would be suitable for using them. There are many designs of the love theme teddy bears but not all are suitable to be pasted for this particular design......so I will have to find another design to use them up.

What is important is, I had fun making this card! ;) 


Real love theme card!Like every detail!
Kaagaz Quilling said…
Aww!! This is so lovely Lin!! Indeed a perfect Love theme card!! Love your perfect engraving!

HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
I do adore the design...its so cute...u r so creative kak lin....and the best part is.....i love the color combination....u r really good at it....
cantiknya!! soo sweet..untung lh sapa smbut valentine..hehe..
lovely card, so chery, like the embossed dots and cut out letters, love it!!!
Ayu Ikhwani said…
Cantik gile ni, kak Lin =)
බට්ටි said…
lovely card sister. i like so much.i try make this card.

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