Purple birthday trishutter card


Another trishutter card for this year hehehe.......another full front view type which I like very much :). However, I'm still experimenting on the other types so that I would give it a try at least once to make it different from how I used to make them before. I wish that I am able to speed things up coz I work so slow these days. Trying my best though....

This particular one has purple colours all around the card and I'm making use of the paper I have available .....you might have seen this flower pattern paper before.....as I'm trying to finish up whatever pattern paper I have left  in my collection so that I can get new ones in future :). Almost all the areas in the card is filled up with pattern paper and other embellishments, so I left the pop up area to be used as a place to write personal wishes....so that the area where the giver of the card writes down his or her wishes would stand out once the receiver opens up the card. I like it that way :).

You can take a closer look at it and see how it opens up from the video I uploaded on Youtube below: 



Pritesh Dagur said...

This is JUST PLAIN BREATHTAKING! Though I normally don't send cards, this is a darned good temptation Noor! I specially love that little lavender piece in the centre. BEAUTIFUL!

chillin with Quillin said...

gorgeous, love the layers and embelishments, and my favorite color purple !!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Pritesh....thank you so so much!! <3 I love those little lavender pieces too! hehe!

Paula....thank you so much!! I didn't know you love purple so much...hehe....I love the colour of lavender...so sweet :) <3

Sonia said...

Stunning card ,I love it^_^
Too sweet and lovely papers^_^
Have a beautiful day,

Maria Rose said...

Awesome... :)

Helen said...

beautiful work as always!

Unknown said...

amazing card... pining it.
glad to be your follower.


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