Pink and peach



Finally I managed to get these bookmarks done this month! I was afraid I would miss my deadline. This was ordered from me months ago and even this was something I find it difficult to get done because of my busy schedule. But I did it! Yay!

The design of the bookmark is actually an old design of mine that my customer was interested in....which is the BM020 bookmark. But she wanted me to choose the colour combination myself and it had to be sweet and cheerful looking and this was what I came up with. I think the colours that I chose were sweet :). As sweet as the person receiving it I hope hehe! :)

The names and stars were hand carved by the craft punch or die cut machine was involved in the process :).


Sery Suryani said…
kak lin mne nk dpat yg ring cover lubang lpas kt punch tu eh..?
rAIHan said…
simple but nice..=)
Sonia said…
Fabulous creation Lin:) Well done!
Big hug,
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
the colors are kak lin...manually hand cut? rietta cant do that....
Sri...eyelets tu leh beli kat (
UMA IYER said…
Wow naice.
izza said…
Lin thanks so muchhhhh
Kak Syidah loves it to the max..
turns out she's an avid bookmark collector hahah!

and for me of course i love to see my boys names dangling while reading books hihi..
Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments ;)
Hi Izza!
Wow! She's a bookmark collector? Cool! That's awesome! So happy that she loved it so much.

So those names were your boys names? Didn't know that....that's so sweet! ;) I'm so glad that everybody is happy with their bookmarks ;) Yay!
Sujana Sarath said…
You hand carved those letters and stars.. thats amazing!!

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