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I'm pretty excited about this iris folding heart I made for this card. First time for me to make something like this. I did made one iris folding heart shape similar to this one at first but the pattern inside the heart is a little different. There were only 3 types of ribbons used instead of 4. I wanted so much to use 4 because I wanted a plain ribbon to match each pattern ribbon. One red ribbon for the red heart ribbon and one pink ribbon for the pink heart ribbon.

Another reason for me to be excited is because I get to use another new craft punch from MS which is the MS Vintage Heart (punch around the page) craft punch. I love experimenting with it and see what I can come up with using both of the Vintage Heart punch. I love using the corner punch especially to make heart shapes! It's perfect as a gift tag or simply as decoration. ;)

I'm giving this one away for June 2012 Blog Giveaway.........hmmmmmm I wonder who will be the lucky winner ;) <3


Nicole said...

It looks fantastic. It seems like every detail should be there. I really like the ribbon heart, I should try to make one, too (and I hope it will be at least half nice as yours :) )

Mihaela said...

Very creative, love how you made the big heart!!!

chillin with Quillin said...

lovely heart, and do love the punch borders !!!

Sorana said...

great cards!
The Iris folding done with ribbon is sooo original!

Baukje said...

beautiful cards I love you work! Greetings Baukje

Sonia said...

Wonderful card with fabulous heart! I must tra to do this are so creativ Lin:)
Big hug,

Quilltique Paradise said...

I love how creative u are..Love the iris technique.Do you have a tutorial of how u r making it?? Anyway...I find this card so cute and..loveable..hehe.


Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much everyone for all your comments here...I truly appreciate it so much ;)

There is a tutorial on YouTube on how to do this Iris folding technique....they used paper instead of ribbons like I do. So do check it out ;)

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