5 January 1984


5th of January 1984.....it's a special date for my dear customer's husband :). Alhamdulillah I managed to get this card order done on time and also a paper beaded bookmark as well for my dear customer. I wasn't so sure I was able to make them at first. I haven't been in the best of health lately. 

Pretty excited about designing this card for my customer who requested this birthday card for her dear husband. She wanted something simple and elegant looking, nothing too crowded. White background with some colours of my choice to be added. Sometimes doing a simple design can be complicated for my brain to handle hahaha. I over think the design sometimes and cannot decide how to make it simple. In the end I decided to play with ribbons and some bling bling. ;)

I guess this is the first time for me to use the glitter foam on my card. First time for me as well to draw a number, a big number on the glitter foam and cut it out by hand. It was an interesting experience to do that. I've only use glitter foams to make heart shapes before but never something like this.

This is the first time for me as well to make a cover for the birthday card. This was a request from my customer who wanted something similar to this. I didn't know how to do it at first. I just did what I thought was right and although I didn't have a pretty nice lacey type of paper to use for this purpose, I designed one myself using a bit thinner paper, pearly white metallic paper.....and decorated it with the same type of paper in shapes of hearts.The hearts were cut using a craft punch. Two sizes...one small one, one big one. All scattered around the front and I added some silver glitter dots on it too. Lastly I added a shiny ribbon to wrap up the card with. The envelope is made from a shiny silver paper. Love it! :)

Inside the card there is a pop up of a photo of her husband and his mother, plus some wordings she asked me to add in the card. I am not allowed to upload the photo here so, I'm sorry I couldn't share it with everyone that part of the card. I have to respect her privacy :). 


Ok! Here's the bookmark! My customer was interested in my paper beaded bookmarks that has names engraved on it. So I was asked to engrave her husband's name....and since the card is black and white in colour, I decided to make the bookmark in the same colour combination. 

She also requested that I added her name on the bookmark. I just didn't know how or where on the bookmark that I can add her name. Didn't want to put her name behind the bookmark....didn't think it would look nice that way. Luckily I thought of the alphabet beads I have available in my collection and added the words, "LOVE" and "RIFFA" to the ribbons. So when you look at the bookmark, it will look like "Eswar love Riffa" or "Riffa love Eswar". Love it! :) Happy that my customer liked the idea too. So problem is solved! Yay!! :)


it came out very nice, love the beads on the book mark, nice work!!!
Sathya said…
Nice card...lovely beads bookmark!
CaDLyNN said…
2 hari lepas tu lin pulak lahir ke dunia :p

cantikla kad tu kaklin...cantik sgt!

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