It's been while since I last made any bookmarks such as these.....especially with names engraved at the back of it. It's rather time consuming and takes a lot of patience to make. I still have two more of these to make for another customer. Hope to be able to blog about that one in a day or two. :) Sorry the photos are not that clear......took them in a rush...but you can view them up close at the slide show below this post.

My customer ordered 13 bookmarks for her colleagues and one for herself. She's moving to another company soon so these bookmarks are like farewell gifts for her dear colleagues. She was interested in two of my bookmark designs.....one was the BM006 and the other was the BM008. So the bookmarks were done using those designs but the colours vary from one another. I've never had to do so many colours at the same time! Phew! Luckily I had all the colours of paper and ribbons to make these bookmarks hehe! 

First time for me to do the name in two colours.....usually it's just one single colour. It was and interesting try since my customer wanted the colour for her own bookmark to be in pink and purple. :)


Jyoti Agrawal said…
Sweet designs dear. I am sure this must have took a lot of your time. Two tone alphabets are looking fabulous.
It sure did! Hurt my fingers too huhuhuhu....carving out the names were the most challenging. Glad you like the two tone alphabets ;) Thank you so much!
They look so cute! And btw, can you make it comment moderated? The post, otherwise, is asking me to prove that I am not a robot! :D Don't know how to convince it!
Evita said…
Wow!! I wish I had a friend too who could send me something so beautiful :)
sooo adorable, love the two tone lettering !!!
Baukje said…
Wow wonderful that you have nicely done!
Have a good weekend
Greetings Baukje
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
they are so beautiful.....
Mira said…
They are true works of art! Keep up the good work!
I simply loove ur bookmarks. First time I saw them on ur blog I said I.d love to try some. No there yet though..Still have to learn.

Love those little bears.hehe

Thank you so much everyone for all your comments here...I truly appreciate it so much ;)

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