Using scraps of quilling strips

If you are just like me......someone who uses a paper shredder to make quilling strips, I'll bet you have a lot of scraps of these quilling strips available from all the shredding. I know I do! Lots of them!! Currently I have 2 garbage bags full of them! haha! 

I don't like to throw the good scraps of quilling strips away each time I shred paper. So I keep them in case I have ideas for future projects. The scraps of quilling strips can still be used but they had to be processed first. I had to sort them out one by one and cut out the ends that were not usable and used the good parts of the quilling strips in order to make these flowers you see above. 

I just got the idea of how to do it this afternoon and kept on making them because I loved how they looked. Each flower has 2 different colour of quilling paper. Each colour paper were cut the same length and were joined together piece by piece. Although it took a little extra time for me to join each piece of the short quilling strips together to get one long strip of quilling paper, I didn't mind it at all. It was all worth the trouble.

So, after I formed a long strip of quiling paper, I used the combing technique to create these flowers. 

The best part of this little project was that I felt good being able to finally reuse the scraps of quilling strips. ;) Waste not, want not ;) 


wow! now the scraps become candies!! beautiful! love it kak lin :D
littlenailofar said…
cantiklah bunga tu akak!suka bahagian paling dalam tu.lekuk lekuk tu...cantik!! >_<
Nikita said…
This is soooo awesome!! I am going to try this.. definitely!! Thanks for the idea! :D
As....thank you dear! Yup, they sure do look like candies hihi! ;)

Littlenailofar.....thank you!! Perhaps you can try it too! :)

Nikita...thank you! And you're welcome! Do try it ;)
Awesome flowers, I believe in not wasting and also use scraps, I keep the colors sorted and in ziplock bags, that way I dont have to spend so much time sorting through them. What lengths do you use to make these flowers, if I may ask ?
k@rin said…
love the flowers. the combination of your colours.

and what a goodie bag you have. love it.
Mihaela said…
Lovely flowers!
Dr Sonia S V said…
So good that you do not waste anything-- hats off to you
Mama Mirza said…
kagum dan sangat teruja.. love it..
Crafty Diva's said…
Cantik la Lin...
selagi blh guna..setiap inci tu blh wat sumting..
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :).

Paula....each colour strip I joined together is 5cm in length. So all together is about 8 short strips joined into one.
asma HazeLnut said…
kak lin cantik lah..camane nak buat bunge macam kak lin buat ni ye?ade tutorial tak kak lin?
kiddo said…
Great reusing of scraps, Lin! Love these little flowers! And the two colors combination give them a special touch! said…
Wow! Such beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing.
Dotka said…
Amazing! Best regard from windy Poland ;)
Asma...akak belum buat tutorial lagi. InsyaAllah one day I'll do it :)

Thank you Dotka! :)

Thank you Quilling it! :)
Miss Syaz said…
Byknya scrap..I love the fact that you keep and recycle them..Thanks for saving our planet Kak Lin..And the flowers are super cute..
Yuenie said…
I think it's pretty amazing how you come up with so many different patterns to make flowers =) it's the most standard shape in quilling, and yet you manage to make all the patterns so different.

Wani ...hehehe...ha'ah akak memang ada banyak sangat quilling scraps ni, especially since dok kena shred banyak for making the quilling strips for sale. Thank you...I do my best to save the planet ekekeke. :D

Yuenie....thank you so much! :)
Teddie Seeley said…
I hate wasting paper myself.
Lovely flowers
WOW.. these flowers are fabulous.. You found a great use for paper that usually goes wasted..
Thanks for sharing
be sure to check out Friday features.. following you :)
Miss Aini said…
comel la bunga ada lekuk2 tu...ajar la kak... suka sangat! :)
Miss Aini....insyaAllah nanti Lin ajar....tengah dalam proses nak buat tutorial ni. Sibuk skit, so ambik masa jugak nak buat tutorial tu. Sabar yeeeeee.... ;)
Anonymous said…
HI...Just saw your blog and the beautiful things u make...its really amazing and ur a very creative person
Sufia Khatoon said…
hey the flowers look great.I have one question though.The design in the center of the flower is different.When you make a coil and join two ends of it,a different pattern is created.Can you tell me what exactly you did to get this particular design in the middle of each petal.would be waiting for your reply
Hi Sufia...
Perhaps you can have a look at the link's a video tutorial I made for an idea of how I make this kind of petal...but in the video I only use one type of colour instead of many colour strip.
Anonymous said…
I don't does not have a brand name at all on the box or the shredder itself.

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