New mini paper shredder

Yay! I got 2 mini paper shredders now. One small one, one big one. I just bought that big one recently from TAMU JAJA KRAF. You can check out the link to the blog HERE if you are interested to purchase one yourself :). You can contact the owner of the blog and request for preorders of the paper shredder. 

I just love this big size paper shredder because I can shred one piece of A4 paper through it, without having to cut the paper in half like I used to with the small mini paper shredder. This saves me a lot of time and energy as well. 

I thought of buying a new one just in case something happens to the small mini paper shredder, at least I'll have a spare for me to make my quilling paper. It's not easy to find a supplier who sells this shredder anyways, so when I saw the advertisement, I just quickly bought one without any hesitations. I love it so much! :)


very nice I have 2 and there the size for shredding size of a credit card, very small, but they work!
Priyanka Datta said…
love this paper shredder...simply awesome...
Baukje said…
I think it's a godsend, but how wide are the strips
Greetings Baukje
Hi Paula...yes, the small one works well too for me and now I use it for shredding thicker paper and the new one for thinner types.

Thanks Priyanka, it is simply awesome just like you said ;)

Baukje, the strips are about 3.5mm wide :)
kiddo said…
Very happy for you! I know how good is not have to cut your strips! I have a minipaper shredder too and happy with the time is saving for quilling:)
dhamirah asilah said…
nice...where did u buy this sredder? i want it too...
dah sold out dh kat jaja kraft..menyesal xbeli ari tue...kat mane lagi lin tahu paper shredder nie d jual?sy nak beli sngt2...google2 pun xdpt...=(
cahayalembut said…
wuuu, yeke dah sold out. alaaa,, teringin jugak. Kaklin tak jual ke? he he
nak tnya, kak lin beli berapa ringgit ya?
billy mahon said…
Very Nice posting-- "confidential shredding ".I’ll be back soon. Thanks!

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