Husking flowers

Simple husking technique combined with cascading loops in the middle of each petals.

This is the same flower like the pink flower photo at the top with loops inside twisted using a slotted quilling tool.

I did it!!! Finally I am now able to make flowers using the husking technique! I combined it with the combing technique as well. That was how I started it out in the beginning. It helped me get the same size of petals for each flower. You could see the cascading loops in the middle part of the petal which is the start of the husking technique that I did. :) 

I always thought to myself that I could never do a flower like this because it looks so complicated to make. But now, it's no more a problem for me to do it, thanks to the quilling comb :). Now I'm so excited to do more of this technique. But I'm new at it and still need to practice to make it perfect :).


Simple husking technique combined with cascading loops, but the colour of paper I used for this flower is a mix of two types of blue.

This is the same flower like the blue flower photo at the top with loops inside twisted using a slotted quilling tool.

An idea sparked by one of my student, Remy gave me the idea of how I could do the husking flower with two different colour paper. I did try making one in the beginning but it didn't turn out nice. I showed it to him and after much discussion about it, he asked me why not I apply the technique I did for the two toned cascading loops for this flower. And that's how it started!! Just like that! I immediately tried it out and tadaaaa!! Here it is! In my favourite colour too! Love it!! Thanks Remy!! :)

This is what is called the Royal flower. A good friend of mine Asma' Ahmad Bahari, invented this twisted loop technique for her husking flowers long ago. I've always wanted to do it but never believed that I could. Until now.....I'm so super excited about it. You can view her Royal Flower technique at her blog called Simple Ryhme. She also did a tutorial on how to make it :).

This is one of my favourites! Love the shape of the flower and the twisted loops inside it. ;). Will definitely practice more and hopefully will come up with new card designs using this technique :).


kiddo said…
Beautiful flowers! Love how the two different colours turned out! And the Royal Flowers are great! Congrats!
Wonderful! They look so serene and gentle. I also tried this technique, but not yet satisfied with the result. Please show the tutorial if you can. Stop by my blog sometimes. Thanks
Big hug.
Jyoti Agrawal said…
Amazing flowers sweetie..
Tammy said…
They are beautiful!!!
k@rin said…
love it, the colours of inside the flower en the outside combines beautifully
there all perfect, love them, I wish I could make them, they seem hard to make !!!!
Avni said…
very beautiful! You are so neat with these!:)
Miss Syaz said…
I just love it, especially the blue flowers..
very nice flowers.. You are so creative..
Mary said…
brilliant work! What type of paper did you use for the Royal flower? Is it a goffered one?
Thank you so much everyone for all your lovely comments! ;)

Marry....I used plain printing paper that is shredded using a mini paper shredder.

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