Combing new leaf

I've been playing around with my quilling comb lately and came up with an idea to do a different kind of leaf design yesterday. There are 5 different colours of green shredded quilling strips in one leaf. I've combined many different colours in one shape before so it's nothing new. But.......

I love how the tiny loops inside the leaf looks, arranged one on top of the other. Unlike the looping style I've done before where the loops were arranged side by side.  Just like the flower I made for this card. You can see the difference there right? The way the loops are arranged are bit different from the leaf. Although this technique is a bit difficult to do but the final part is easier to pull out of the quilling comb itself. So I like this technique better just because of that. 

Hope to make other designs with this technique if I have the time. I can only experiment during my spare time now these days. Don't have much time to play! But when I do, it's great fun! :).


Philippa said…
Love these leaves AND your petals!
Helen said…
How did you make those folds? they made such pretty leaves.
Gorgeous flower and leaves, love that you used several colors !!!!
k@rin said…
special flower and leaves
Intan Inn said…
so beautiful flower...u are so creative
Baukje said…
WOW! wonderful
Greetings Baukje
Very nice. It looks so soft.

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