Love birds with pop up


Excited! Why? Because now my love birds card has a pop up in it hehehe....thanks to the request I got from my customer. If it wasn't for her, the card would be empty inside like the original one I made a while back. Have a look at the original design here -  W014.

I've been making this design so many times much so that I've perfected the shape of the birds by now. Now, I'm happy with the shape. It's slimmer and suits the head of the bird itself. If you look at the original design that I made many months back, the body of the bird is so big and chubby hehehe..... :D I love how the loose circles in the body of the bird forms like the shape of it's wings. :)

The pop up inside the card is actually the same kind of pop up I made for the card V034. For that card I made the color of the pop up in blue shades.....but for this card I made the pop up color more to black shades to match the card, as requested by my customer and not forgetting the printed wordings inside it too :)


Beautiful card, love the inside to!
Cards by Cheryl said…
I still love these love birds...
CC said…
Wow! You have been doing so much work! It's all so precise & beautiful. Hope you are well!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I really appreciate it so much ;)
16cush said…
Love your work so talented. Your quilling tutorials bought me here. Just made my first flower now to make a few hundred for wedding decorations. Never stop posting xxx

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