For the guy who stole my heart....


 Guess when did I got the request to design this card? Last May 2010! long ago....and only today, I finally got it done. Phew! Honestly when I received the request, I didn't know how to go about designing it. Because it was something different from the usual requests I've received before. That's why I took such a long long time to get it done. Luckily for me, my customer was not in a hurry to send this card to the receiver so, that sure gave me a lot of time to figure it out.

My customer said that she wanted the card to be of blue and white.....and the rest was up to me to decide. She provided me with the wordings though which I thought was lovely hehehe..... ;). I wanted to incorporate some quilling designs on the card but at first I couldn't decide on what type of quilling form I was going to do. In the end I decided to quill a heart. It's just like the other quilled heart patterns I've done before except that the color combination is different. Since the whole card is about 90 % blue.....I fell in love with it instantly. I love blue! :)

The card stock is dark metallic blue in color. It shines the minute it hits the light. Love it! Seriously I didn't know how to do the layout with the wordings like the above for the front design. In the end I arranged it separately whereby I place half of the wordings at the top....and the other half at the bottom. Then, I was lost.....didn't know what to put in the middle.....that's when the idea came to do the quilled heart. Then I made dots to connect the top wordings and the bottom wordings with the quilled heart. The design is kinda symbolic....I was trying to show a connection between the two of them.....I wonder if you see what I mean hehehehe. I can get kinda "overboard" with my designs sometimes.....sometimes only I understand what I'm trying to convey in my designs....hahahahaha. :D.

Then......I had a hard time figuring out how to do the pop up inside.....I went to do some research online to find some inspiration and I was inspired by Lori Whitlock's pop up hearts.....I loved it.....and tried to do something similar but I made it my own by changing the patterns a bit. You can view her heart pop up design HERE. :)


fareez said…
lawalah... klu request drpd lelaki pon boleh? :)
As Ahmad said…
kak lin, the card is more than perfect. the orientation of the front cover and the pop-up will surely makes the guy give her his heart, immediately! ;)
Fareez.....thank you! Boleh boleh...kalau nak tukar color combinationnya pun boleh :)

As...thank you so much! I really hope so la...kalau I dapat kad with those wordings on it...sure cair punya!!! hahahaha! :D
BUNGA said…
cantiknya!!!! good job :)
p/s: sy sudah jatuh cinta la dgn kad ni..hehehe
*Idina* said…
Uuuuu~ love the card and love the colour!!
Bunga...thank you so much!

Idina...I love the color blue too!

Cadlynn....thank you!!
Allycat said…
Really pretty and design suits the words so much. Pop up hearts so cute Lin. xx
Thank you so much Ally! :) XX
Lara said…
kak Lin sy suka dengan kad ney..perfect creative card...nice blue laaa...kak lin i nak order this card..nak bg pada my dearest nak tnya price dier cam ner kak lin- Lara Asyikin
doy said…
i really fall in love with this card...bleh tnya harga dia brape ek?thx
Milly Marine said…
Lovely! See my blog at

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