Flowers just for you...


I was actually inspired by the colors of some yarn that my aunt used to make her handphone casings. They were yellow and red in color. So I came up with a quilled flower design using those combination of colors. It's a new type of flower design that I came up with using my imagination....hehehe. :D
I kept the design simple. Nothing much going on, on the card itself. Just concentrating on the flowers and leaves. I did something new for myself with this type of leaves. I've never done anything like this before. And I kinda like it a lot actually. Perhaps you'll see me doing this kind of pattern again and again coz I love how the leaves look's like flower petals except they are green in color hehee.

The pop up inside the card is simple as well. All I did was just pop up the wordings. I also decorated the background with green leaves that looks like they are falling from the sky hehehe....

Oh! Another thing! See how the stems of the two flowers crossed each other? That is something new for me! And I love it! First time for me to experiment with this technique. I've seen a lot of other quillers doing it so I just wanted to give it a try. At least now I get to cross the stems even though I'm using the quilling technique. I like crossing the stems a lot whenever I do flower designs but I only get to do it with colored pens.....but now, I don't need to worry coz I already know how to achieve that look with quilling. Yay! :)


As said…
OMG, kak lin! what a unique flower they are! really love it!!!!!!
THey really turned out gorgeous, great job!
Philippa said…
Lovely flowers, and great use of crimping!
Thank you so much everyone! So happy you all love it! ;)
Laura Elizabeth said…
Absolutely beautiful!

I would be interested to know what brand of paper you use for your quilling. I use a mini shredder for mine as well, but cannot find the beautiful array of colours you seem to!

Once again - these flowers are georgeous!
Hello Laura..
I buy the paper in Malaysia...and they are quite easy to find at stationary stores. The ones I'm using don't even have brand names on it as they were packed in separate casings in the shop. Perhaps the owner bought them in bulk or something and packed them that way. :)
Hanya Aku said…
Absolutely beautiful!

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